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Head Massage

Indian Head massage was first developed in India over a thousand years ago, solely concentrating on the scalp with the aim of the improvement of hair growth and condition.

Indian Head Massage Treatment: Services

Mobile Indian Head Massage Treatment

  • Benefits are believed to include:

  • Prevention of migraines and headaches

  • Stimulation of hair growth

  • Insomnia relief

  • Increased energy levels

  • Enhanced memory capacity

The treatment has now been developed to cover the upper back, shoulders, neck, chest, and face. This therapy aids relaxation increases circulation and benefits the lymphatic system. It can be performed while the client can be dressed and sitting upright in a chair, and therefore, it is ideal for introducing those who are new to massage as a treatment. This treatment can also be performed while the client is lying down, face-up, on a massage couch.

Head Massage

Covering Cheltenham, Stow On The Wold, Moreton in Marsh, Evesham, Chipping Norton, Burford, Bourton-on-the-Water and Upper Rissington and the surrounding areas.

Mobile Indian Head Massage Price List

Relax your mind, body and soul with the benefits of Indian Head Massage

Mobile Indian Head Massage Treatment


This 30-minute treatment cover’s the upper back and chest, shoulders, neck, scalp and face, using the hands to provide a variety of massage techniques. Oil may be used, depending on how the treatment is performed.

Indian Head Massage Treatment: Price List
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