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There's no wrong time for a pedicure.

Pedicures are the care of the foot. A pedicure will include cuticle work, nail shape and care, soaking of the feet, rasping of dead skin, exfoliation, massage and using a variety of polishes and false nails to colour the toenails.

Mobile Pedicures

Pedicures and the practice of foot care where thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, in the royal palaces of the Pharaohs, and a depiction of early manicures and pedicures was found on a carving from a Pharaoh's tomb. It is believed that nobles in Ancient Babylon created solid gold tools specifically for Manicures and Pedicures. The use of fingernail polish can be traced back to China in 3000 BC, where nail colour indicated one’s social status. According to a Ming Dynasty manuscript, the Royal family painted their nails black and red. The word pedicure stems from the Latin word ‘Pedis’, which means foot, and ‘cura’ which means care.
Gel’s is a gel-based polish that uses a UV or LED light to cure the polish onto the nail. The polish can last from 10-14 days, depending on the growth of the nail and the client’s day to day care of their hands and feet. It is perfect for those who are wanting to go on holiday or have an event to attend and not wanting to chip the polish by day-to-day chores, such as gardening and housework.

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Pedicured Feet

Covering Cheltenham, Stow On The Wold, Moreton in Marsh, Evesham, Chipping Norton, Burford, Bourton-on-the-Water and Upper Rissington and the surrounding areas.

Mobile Pedicure Price List

There's nothing a pedicure can't fix.

Mini Pedicure


A 30-minute Mini Pedicure treatment includes cuticle work, shaping of the nail and polish. This treatment can be adjusted to include a massage if the client does not want polish on their nails.

Regular Pedicure


The Regular Pedicure is a 60-minute treatment and includes cuticle work, shaping of the nails, a scrub, foot soak and massage, and polish in a colour of the client’s choice.

Deluxe Pedicure


The Deluxe Pedicure is a 75-minute treatment and includes cuticle work, shaping of the nails, a scrub, foot soak and massage, but also includes heated booties with a moisturising mask.

Gel Removal


Gel Removal is a 30-minute treatment and is the removal of the Gel Polish, by buffing the gel nail, then using cotton pads, soaked in acetone, then the hands or feet are enveloped in heated mitts or booties for 20 minutes. The Nails are then moisturised.

Gel removal and re-apply


This 45-minute treatment involves the removal of the gel nails, cuticle work, shaping of the nails, then re-application of gel polish onto the nails.

Pedicure Treatments: Price List
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